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1 Candidate Has Quietly Won 103 of 110 Delegates In Last Two Weeks…But It’s NOT Who You Think
By PJ Editor|April 8, 2016

In the Republican nomination process, most of the attention goes to the big states with large caches of delegates such as Wisconsin this week and New York coming up.

But many delegates are awarded quietly in county and district conventions well below the radar of the media and most voters.

Just this week Ted Cruz picked up 9 delegates in 3 congressional district meetings in Colorado. He will likely win 12 more today as the rest of the Colorado districts vote and tomorrow as the Colorado state convention awards 13 more.

Next week Wyoming will award 17 delegates at its own state convention. Again, Ted Cruz with his superior ground game, is expect to win most if not all of these delegates.

Since Arizona was called, Ted Cruz has beaten Donald Trump in delegates 103-7 with 9 more uncommitted. After Colorado and Wyoming finish, Cruz will likely extend that lead to 145-7!

Click HERE for a comprehensive delegate chart


All of which has gone unreported in the mainstream media as they obsess about the upcoming New York primary.


PJ Editor
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