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Perhaps it’s a desire to prevent four more years of Obama-like tyranny.

Or perhaps Donald Trump is really unifying a large number of Americans.

Regardless of the reason, data has shown that more than millions more Americans have voted in the GOP Primaries, a whopping 60 percent more than in 2012! The Democrats should be scared.

From Breitbart:

In total, so far, nationwide the GOP has seen an increase of 8,719,041 votes in 2016’s primaries, caucuses and conventions over 2012’s primaries, caucuses and conventions. In 2012, 14,452,500 people voted in each of the states and territories that have held contests so far in 2016. In 2016, 23,171,541 people have voted in the GOP contests so far. That is a 60.33 percent increase in GOP contest turnout in just four years.

Reince Prebus, Republican National Committee chairman, attributes the massive turnout to the last eight years of Democratic rule. Voters are eager to oust Obama’s legacy and fear what a second Clinton regime would do to our country.

“After eight years of Barack Obama, voters throughout the country know that four years of Hillary Clinton would be disastrous,” Priebus said in an email. “Almost to a state, we are seeing record turnout because voters know it’s the Republican Party that has the ideas and solutions that will move America in the right direction.”

This is probably true, but I doubt so many Americans would be flocking to the primary polls if a traditional Republican was leading the way.

Donald Trump has simply thrown the routine election circuit on its head, forcing established politicians out of the way as he takes the lead. It’s obvious most Americans are excited to see an outsider take the reigns.

I doubt Kasich could bring in those numbers.

The full details can be seen over at Breitbart.  If these trends hold, it’s not crazy to think the general election will be the largest in American history.

What do you think?  Can the massive voter turnout be attributed to Donald Trump?  What is motivating you to go out and vote this year?

Source: Breitbart

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