2 Trump Policies NO ONE Can Argue…Marks HUGE Difference Between Current and New Admin

Everyone is talking about president-elect Donald Trump’s first major interview with Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes.

The first takeaway: Trump is contemplating keeping some of Obamacare in tact, upsetting a few supporters.

Next, liberals are mindlessly gloating over his concession that, on some parts of the southern border, he’d be open to building a fence instead of his long-promised wall. In reality, it’s a distinction without a difference, but liberals are understandably claiming whatever tiny victories they can after last Tuesday.

Between that and his waffling on vowing to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, some Trump fans were a bit disappointed.

However, one exchange did reinstate the cheering.

Trump told Stahl that he would not take the roughly $400,000-a-year presidential salary, but would accept a token $1 a year if that is what is required by law.

In an unstated but obvious jab at Obama, who was sometimes called the Golfer in Chief, Trump also promised that he’d never take “big vacations,” telling Stahl and millions of viewers, that there was simply too much work to be done.

Credit: Twitchy

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