5 Videos of US Air Force Jets Blowing Stuff Up That Will Make You Yell ‘MURICA!’

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mike is a current USAF serviceman, so we asked the expert to give us some thoughts on awesome warplanes…you will not be disappointed.

  1. The Mighty AC-130 Spooky/Spectre is a C-130 Hercules to which some true genius of epic proportions decided to strap a 105mm M102 Howitzer, a 40mm cannon and a 25mm Gatling gun. That’s some serious firepower falling on some terrorists from the comfort of the air.


  1. F-15E Strike Eagle is a two seated super-sonic workhorse. This particular variant is extremely well adapted to ground attack and blowing the crap out of America’s enemies who think they are hiding!

  1. Lest we should forget the might of America’s oldest serving nuclear capable bomber, the B-52 Stratofortress I will regale you with some videos of it doing its thing from 30k feet! From the plane and again from the ground you can witness how the United States Air Force asserts global dominance!

  1. One of the most quintessential American fighter aircraft is the F-16 Fighting Falcon, which is affectionately known by it’s nickname: Viper. Let’s watch some of these wicked strikes by America’s very own native Vipers!

  1. Now my day wouldn’t be complete without a little BRRRRTTTT in it. Now to translate that for you lay folks. That is the sound of depleted uranium rounds being fired at a rate of 60-75 round PER FREAKIN SECOND!!! To clarify this plane was literally built around the GAU-8/A Gatling gun that it sports sticking out of its nose. Even better news is that the Pentagon just shelved all plans to retire the beautiful Fairchild Republic A-10 Warthog!

And one more for all you cockpit junkies!

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