Massive 9th Circuit Scandal Explodes On Judge, What They Found Has Liberals Speechless

We may never understand why some men act the way they do. Powerful liberal men have been exposed over the last few months. Victims have come forward, revealing these men harassed them.

The stories have been shocking. These men abused, groped, and worse, raped unwitting victims. Women, men, and even children have suffered. Scandals have erupted in Hollywood, media, and the government.

Now we add another sector. New allegations are coming out.  The man? Oh, just a judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Yep, that court.

From Right Wing News:

A high-profile and influential 9th Circuit judge is being accused of sexual misconduct by at least six women. All have served under him. Judge Alex Kozinski is a Reagan appointee who is serving on the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The allegations accuse him of inappropriate sexual conduct including asking his female clerks to watch pornography with him in his chambers. Oh boy, that’s bad.

One of the women in question is Heidi Bond who clerked for the judge from 2006 to 2007. She said there were at least three instances where he asked her to look at images of naked people. One was a set of college-age students where some were “inexplicably naked while everyone else was clothed…”

Emily Murphy, who is a law professor, claims that Kozinski approached her and informed her that the gym in the 9th Circuit courthouse was nice because other people were seldom there. Uh yeah. Then he told her that she should work out naked because of that.

The court constantly opposing Trump has a perv on the bench. Kozinski has served for many, many years. This is only coming out now. I wonder how many women he’s harassed. How far has it gone?

This is more shocking than the other stories. Judges wield incredible power in the courts. We trust them to make important decisions. Those decisions affect all of us. Now we know that a federal judge is a sexual harasser.

There might be significant repercussions over this. Least of which is Kozinski resigning. Could this lead to challenges over past rulings? Decades of milestone cases might be overturned. If it is proven Kozinski was a criminal.

The tally is getting higher. How many more men will be exposed? We honestly don’t know. Be sure we’ll keep you informed.

Source: Right Wing News

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