WHOA: Actress Starts Filming Pro-Hillary Ad…Then WALKS OFF The Set! [WATCH]

We all know that Hillary Clinton, the Democrat presidential candidate, has been harder to hold down than a greased pig when it comes to scandals where her guilt is unquestioned. It’s just become a matter of IF she gets held accountable for any of it by the Justice Department.

Most of us remain skeptical about her ever being in front of a judge or a congressional committee with the courage to do what is right for the American people instead of what is expedient for the political elites who never seem to be held accountable for anything.

Well, an anti-Hillary Political Action Committee (PAC) has made some 30 second video ads to run in the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania that “highlights Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and her lack of appeal to millennial and minority voters.”

Breitbart iterates the video script:

“There is so much at stake in this election, and that’s why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy and… Can we cut?” the millennial African-American actress says in the opening before her conscience forces her to stop.

When asked off-camera what the problem is, she replies, “I can’t say these words.”

“I just don’t believe what I’m saying,” she continues.

 When the director off-camera says, “but you’re an actress,” she tells him, “I’m not that good of an actress.” As she exits the frame, the actress mutters to herself, “Honest and trustworthy… give me a break.”

At the end of the commercial, titled “Cut,” a graphic appears on the screen declaring: “SOME PEOPLE ARE BETTER LIARS THAN OTHERS.”

It is so refreshing to see young, intelligent African-Americans who can see through the “PC” narratives of the leftists whose only desire is to hold onto power by convincing minorities to vote for them so they will keep getting government handouts. The Democrats want Americans educated just enough to believe the ridiculous left-wing talking points but not enough to see through the lies!

Americans are waking up!

Source: Breitbart

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