Wikileaks STUNNER…Hillary’s Closest Advisor SECRETLY Reveals The TRUTH About Her Health!

The WikiLeaks release of thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton’s people have revealed many shocking details about her camp and their behavior.

We’ve learned just how in bed the mainstream media is with the campaign. We learned that the DNC and White House worked to protect Hillary and interfere with her investigation. We’ve learned about their attempts to rig the election through over sampled polls.

But perhaps most telling of all are the coded messages surrounding Hillary’s health. Clearly her closest advisors and assistants were worried about her day to day condition and often expressed it in their emails.

Even more amazing was how they were afraid to openly admit she was suffering from an illness, using very telling terms to express her condition.

From Zero Hedge:

In light of all the recent concerns about Hillary’s health, perhaps Huma Abedin and John Podesta can explain exactly what they meant by the following two emails:

First, Huma:

“She’s going to stick to notes a little closer this am, still not perfect in her head.”

And this from Podesta:

“How bad is her head?”

It’s clear that the campaign was aware–and is still aware–of issues over Hillary’s health, especially her head. That’s a pretty big problem, when your candidate’s mental state is worried over from day to day.

Are the democrats trying to elect a mentally unsound candidate? Is Hillary in her right mind at all, or is she simply a puppet for Huma and the other cronies?

Perhaps Hillary won’t be making any decisions at all, should she be elected. Perhaps this woman with a questionable head will merely be a front for some other person.

Without straightforward questions from her camp, we’re left to wonder…

Source: Zero Hedge

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