After 5 Cops Are Killed, Texans Respond…In The Most TEXAS Way Imaginable – AWESOME!

The motto of many police forces is “to serve and protect.” However, after the massacre of five police officers in Dallas, and copycat shootings around the nation, some fear that the police themselves need protection.

It’s not surprising that the following story takes place in the state of Texas, where three civilians chose a unique way to show their support for local men and women in uniform.

AWR Hawkins reports for Breitbart:

According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, James Evans, Roger Tarrant, and Paul Wilson went to the Patton Village Police Department with “their AR-15s in hand” and stood guard. They also stood outside the City of Splendora Police Department (SPD), where passing drivers “honked their horns in approval, while others stopped for photos, selfies, and to personally thank them for what they were doing.”

In fact, the men garnered so much support in the form of food and bottled water that they began stacking the food on the hoods of their pickup trucks so well-wishers could see they already had more than they could handle.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if this gesture inspired “copycats” of a more peaceful nature around America? Then again, Texas is truly one of a kind.

Source: Breitbart

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