After D.C. Shooting, Rep. Chris Collins Made A Terrifying Move…Gun-Wielding Liberals Terrified!

After Wednesday’s horrifying attack on Republican congressmen, America erupted with sympathy, thoughts, and prayers.

Some Republican leaders, however, want to do more. They want to take action and protect themselves and their colleagues from similar situations in the future.

It is fitting that the Republican Party is the party of gun rights. Republicans always try to protect the constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms, and now, many feel the need to exercise that right.

In a recent TV interview, New York Rep. Chris Collins promised to do just that.

From The Daily Wire:

Following the harrowing shooting attack on Congressman Steve Scalise and others at a Congressional baseball game on Wednesday, Rep. Chris Collins (R., N.Y.), a strong supporter of gun rights, told WKBW-TV he will carry his 9-millimeter handgun at future public events.

Collins stated, “You look at the vulnerability. I can assure you from this day forward, I have a carry permit. I will be carrying when I’m out and about, which I have to tell you, I have not been even though I have a carry permit at home.”

Rep. Collins has always defended the right to bear arms. He has sponsored numerous pieces of legislation that protect citizens’ ability to carry concealed weapons, and he currently holds a 100% rating from the National Rifle Association.

Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that Rep. Collins feels the need to start carrying his firearm. If America was still a decent country, perhaps Rep. Collins would not feel so inclined to carry.

Rep. Collins’ announcement is concrete evidence that our political discourse has reach devastating new lows. Hundreds of years ago, there was hardly a need for the Secret Service. Today, on the other hand, even congressional representatives do not feel safe playing a simple game of baseball.

The Left constantly demonizes gun owners. They should instead realize that if it were not for them and their inflammatory rhetoric, people might not feel such a strong need to purchase firearms in the first place.

Indeed, liberal policies are the reason that so many Americans own guns.

See, conservatives long for a time when Americans could walk the streets without fearing for their lives. The America of our grandparents – an America of small towns, family, and faith – was very much like that.

The rise of modern liberalism, however, turned America into a horror show of clashing cultures and unsafe communities.

The welfare state created a culture of dependence, which destroyed inner cities and led to a rise in gang violence.

Open borders allowed drug cartels, criminals, and other unsavory characters to infiltrate our country.

A tolerance of Islam and Sharia Law enabled terrorists and radicals to build home-grown terror cells inside of American cities.

All of these liberal policies made American less safe, which in turn inspired Americans to carry more weapons. There is no one to blame other than liberals for the widespread need for guns.

We pray for a day in which people like Rep. Collins do not need to own guns. Until then, however, we must support and defend the right to bear arms.

Source: The Daily Wire

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