After Trump’s ICE Takes Radical Action, Mexican Illegals Are Doing The Unthinkable

Making America Great Again doesn’t always involve passing laws, sometimes it means enforcing the laws on the books.

It also involves using the bully pulpit to affect people’s behavior.

The left has never understood this part.

President Trump talked about immigration constantly on the campaign trail, when he became president, those words were not forgotten by the people who would be affected.

It turns out that Mitt Romney was right, self-deportation is a thing when the consequences become real.

Daily Wire has the details…

President Donald Trump has ordered the federal government to crack down on illegal aliens, and agents of the Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency have been doing what they’re supposed to do — enforce the law.

That has prompted some families to leave the U.S. and return to Mexico, reports The Pueblo Chieftain.

Sources report that some undocumented families have left the area for Mexico rather than run the risk of having a parent arrested or even sentenced to prison for immigration violations.

One thing that the article makes clear is that there is a genuine need for migrant labor. This is an area ripe for reform. America needs Mexican labor and Mexico needs American seasonal employers.

We need them to pick our produce, but they need to enjoy the benefits of the law and courts.

Only when the border chaos has been ended and the flood of illegals recedes will the American people be ready to have a real conversation about legal, regulated and controlled immigration.

Thanks to Donald Trump, that day is closer than ever.

Source: Daily Wire

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