America Votes On Trump’s Immigration Reforms – Do You Agree With The Results?

President Trump rolled out his plan for a massive reform to our immigration system. It prioritizes merit and skill for incoming migrants.

It will most likely help our economy, putting American workers first. Rather than giving immigrants a massive advantage.

Americans were asked what they felt about immigration reform. The results are remarkable, but not surprising.

From Breitbart:

Immigration reform advocates are showing 10 Senators up for election in 2018 that their voters strongly support President Donald Trump’s wage-boosting merit-based reform plan…

In Michigan, for example, where Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow is up for election, the poll shows that 61 percent of people “strongly” support “setting up rules to ensure that businesses give first preference for jobs to American workers and legal immigrants already in this country before businesses can ask for new immigrant workers.” Only 10 percent “somewhat” or “strongly” oppose that rule…

The Michigan poll also showed that 74 percent of people say “business should be required to try harder to recruit and train from groups with the highest unemployment,” while only 11 percent said, “government should continue to bring in new immigrants to compete for jobs.”

The group released polling data from Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Those states were won by Donald Trump in 2016 and will get to vote for or against incumbent Democratic Senators next November…

The NumbersUSA polls echo prior economy-focused polls which show that Americans strongly favor rules which help the pocketbooks of other Americans, regardless of color…

Some pollsters go to great efforts to find out what people want, rather than what they say. For example, a pair of academic polls from 2005 and 2010 showed that more than half of white Americans prefer all immigration be stopped.

That understated American-first view is spotlighted by the NumbersUSA polls, which show that Americans strongly favor the reduction of annual immigration numbers.

It’s a fact that unchecked immigration can drive wages down, take jobs from American workers, and harm our economy and nation security. A sensible reform has been long overdue.

Yet democrats are already attacking Trump’s plan. They’d rather plunge America into economic ruin, than work with Trump.

The polling is clear, though. Americans want immigration reform.

They want a limit on how many immigrants come in every year, and to ensure those immigrants will contribute to the American way, rather than degrade it.

But what do you think? Do you like Trump’s plan? Do you think it will help our hurt American workers? Vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Source: Breitbart

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