And Secretary of Defense Goes To…Trump Unveils Top Candidate!

With the election now over, the big news the entire country is awaiting is president-elect Donald Trump’s full list of choices for cabinet members.

We all remember how president Obama filled his cabinet with radical leftists and Muslims who, we know, were undermining and subverting the foundations of America’s republic in an effort to fundamentally transform this country into an oppressive, Islamic and socialist dictatorship.

So what makes this time even more exciting is watching Trump transform it back into a free, capitalist and open society through his cabinet appointments and sound fiscal and social policies based upon constitutional principles.

One appointments president-elect Trump will make is that of Senator Jeff Sessions to the position of Secretary of Defense.

As Political Wire relates:

 Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) “is the leading contender for Donald Trump’s secretary of defense, sources close to the transition say — a choice that would reward the president-elect’s most outspoken congressional loyalist but offer few olive branches to a Trump-wary Republican national security establishment,” Politico reports.

“The two men haven’t seen eye to eye on everything: Sessions is a budget hawk who favors caps on defense spending, while Trump has called for an arms and troops buildup that could cost $55 billion or more per year. But sources say the three-term Alabama Republican senator has still emerged as the top candidate for Pentagon leader, perhaps the most important post in the upcoming Trump Cabinet.”

Any appointment Trump could make would be ten times better than what we have now under Obama. Obama’s cabinet has been taken over by members of the Muslim Brotherhood that need to be rooted out like rats.

Once Trump has been sworn in, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the decade of Obama is over!

Source: Political Wire

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