Ann Coulter Throws Cold Water On Hillary…’Here Is How She Can Still End Up In Prison’

This year’s presidential election was fierce. Some could say it was tiring. Now that it’s all over, it’s time for our country to get behind President-Elect Trump and support his transition.

Already we are learning about his administration, including key potential positions like Attorney General and CIA Director.

Make no mistake, Trump has a lot of work to do in the next four years. He’s promised to bring back jobs, build a war, and root our ISIS. These are no small feats and require the best minds and most of this president’s attention.

So you can understand why he isn’t making a top priority the prosecution of Hillary Clinton. Such an attempt would be a waste of energy and would put the president in the middle of a still ongoing investigation.

People are upset over this turn of events, but the truth is, we need to keep everything in perspective.

From Right Wing News:

Following Tuesday’s report that President-elect, Donald Trump, does in fact ‘NOT’ hope to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her private email server, Ann Coulter has taken it upon herself to keep the hope alive…with a tweet she has sent out to her 1/12 million followers.

She says, there is still a way for Hillary to make a home behind bars.

Forgetting the fact that Trump had already said he wouldn’t pursue charges during his 60 Minutes interview last week, I maintain it’s not his role to prosecute Clinton.

We know that Clinton broke many laws during her time in the public eye. We also know that the thing protecting her from retribution was her connection to powerful people in government–people like President Obama.

Now that he is soon to leave office, there will be no protection for her. Trump or not, the wheels are justice are still turning. Clinton has committed crimes against many nations; they have not forgotten.

Sending her to prison is fine, if it’s with the right intentions. I think Trump may have learned since winning the election that mercy on someone at their lowest moments may be the healing power needed to calm a nation that is very much in up rise right now.

We won. Do we need to further stir the pot that is already boiling with revenge?

Let’s not forget about the many foreign interests she’s taken money from, in exchange for support as president. She has a lot of explaining to do, to very angry people.

Source: Right Wing News

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