Ann Coulter’s Long-Awaited Book Released! Here’s Her POWERFUL Message to America… WOW

With the mainstream media doing everything in their power to subvert the will of the people, we need to find ways to fight back. We cannot allow this election to be decided by corrupt, liberal news outlets.

The American people must be heard. And we must embrace every opportunity to spread our message of freedom over toxic, liberal globalism.

Now more than ever we need to realize that Donald Trump has America’s best interest at heart. He may be outspoken, he may be bold, but he will uphold the American Constitution, protect our liberties, and help secure our economy and borders.

Conservative voices from across the digital landscape are coming out in support of the GOP candidate for president. They understand the need for radical change in Washington. The old guard has failed; it’s time for new leadership.

One of the leading voices rallying behind Trump is Ann Coulter. Her new book—which espouses the virtues of this new leadership—is poised to shake up the conservative base.

From Breitbart:

Conservative columnist and eleven-time best selling author Ann Coulter has a message for the Republican political class: Follow Trump’s lead or face political extinction.

“A.T.– After Trump– the Republican Party is the party of America for Americans,” Coulter writes in her latest book. “The GOP either will follow his lead and end up a better, stronger party or it will go the way of the Whigs. And the cause will be the same: some people’s need for cheap labor.”

Coulter’s new book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! is set to hit shelves on Tuesday, August 23rd.

The book comes just one year after her seminal work, Adios America, helped lay the intellectual foundation for Trump’s historic primary campaign and the political revolution that ensued. The book’s profound impact on the national electoral stage prompted The Atlantic’s David Frum to dub Coulter, the Harriet Beecher Stowe of 2016.

It’s clear that the goal of modern democrats is globalism. This will bring about the destruction of our national identity, as they strive to force America to adopt toxic policies from foreign nations, eroding our way of live, liberties, and those values that make us truly great.

The conservative movement must work hard to stop this spread of corruption. We are a great nation because of our unique values, values that few nations truly embrace. Even allies like Canada and the U.K. lack absolute guarantees for their citizens’ personal liberties (including freedom of speech, religion and the right to bear arms).

Donald Trump’s leadership will stem this tide, as he will work to restore the unique attributes that make America great. We will no longer kowtow to foreign powers. We will put our people first.

Coulter’s book is set to open the eyes of many conservatives and moderates. Her influence helped predict the rise of Trump during the primaries. Now she makes her best case for the candidate as he races for the White House.

The book is written in a clear, at times aphoristic, prose that seems to encapsulate sentiments about the 2016 election that have remained unaddressed by corporate media.

Some of Ann’s axioms include:

    “Trump is like a Shakespearean ‘fool’: he seems crass because he speaks the truth”

    “The rule that it’s not presidential to hit someone was written by people who aren’t good at hitting.”

    “If he weren’t so boring, people might have noticed that Kasich is out of his mind.”

    “Immigration is changing the country, and there will be no changing it back. If you don’t understand that, you are the enemy of any conservative undertaking.”

    “Politicians opposed a wall not because they thought it wouldn’t work, but because they knew it would.”

Coulter’s unapologetic writing is just what a sleepy voter base needs to get energized. Her new book is available now. Make sure it’s on your reading list.

Source: Breitbart

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