Breaking: Another Country Rejects Establishment…Big Government Is A Goner!

Following Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. election, there is now another country that is on the verge of voting against establishment.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there seems to be an anti-establishment trend spreading throughout the world. The working-class is tired of governments that don’t listen to them or do anything that truly helps better their quality of life.

Now this wave of anti-establishment has spread into another European country.

According to Express News …

Italy is set to deal a hammer blow to its government as the latest polls revealed voters will punish Matteo Renzi’s administration in the upcoming referendum.

The prime minister’s failure to reach out to working class suggest large regions will snub Mr Renzi’s plan for constitutional reform.

A Demos poll has revealed Mr Renzi’s reforms will be rejected by an 11 percentage point margin in the south of the country – where most of the poorest regions are located – compared with a seven-point margin across the country.

As the nation prepares for a momentous referendum, which could spark an exit from the European Union, Mr Renzi said that he would have no interest in running the country if voters reject the proposed constitutional reform.

Many working-class Italians also say they just don’t have confidence in Mr. Renzi’s leadership. In order to bolster support, Mr. Renzi came up with proposed tax breaks to encourage job creation in the south of Italy. However, it seems to be too little, too late.

Emanuele Fusco, a 25-year-old barman, said: “A Yes vote is just a way to fool people. We should send this government packing and let everyone know how much they’ve screwed us.”

This sounds recently familiar, don’t you think?

Source: Express

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