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COLLAPSE: Hillary In Free Fall…ANOTHER Key State SWINGS Hard To Trump!
By George Gerard|September 11, 2016

With election day less that 60 days away, the fighting is fierce as each campaign seeks to gain majority support in several crucial battle ground states.  North Carolina is among the highly contested this cycle, evidenced in a new poll by Suffok University.

As the pie continues to be demographically sliced, here is the latest on North Carolina numbers to the Conservative Tribune:

“As for Trump, he reportedly acquired the support of 7 percent of the state’s black voters. That might seem like a small number, but it was 1 percent higher than the support 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney received four years ago, according to a report by Cornell University’s Roper Center.  

Moreover, Trump earned 57 percent of the white vote to Clinton’s 28 percent. The GOP candidate’s support among whites was only 2 points short of what Romney obtained in 2012, whereas his opponent’s meager showing was a notable 11 percent short of President Barack Obama’s.  

Where Trump still remained weaker was with women voters. He racked up the support of only 36 percent of North Carolina’s likely female voters, whereas Clinton amassed a significantly larger 49 percent share. But even with this taken into consideration, the results still showed Trump and Clinton effectively neck and neck.”

Interestingly, according to David Paleologos, Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, “North Carolina is very close, and so is the gender gap margin, though it’s not quite working in Hillary Clinton’s favor with Johnson in the mix,”  It’s one of the few times recently we’ve heard that Libertarian Gary Johnson is actually pulling votes from Hillary.  Good news for Republicans if this continues.

While some of the little distinctions may seem unimportant, the keys to a winning effort lay in the details.  Trump has had a good couple of weeks and seems to be on track and on task.  If this trend continues, it could very well translate into a big win for him in November.

Source: Conservative Tribune


George Gerard
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