Another Miss USA Contestant Comes Forward…OUTS Donald Trump As…

The left’s war against Donald Trump is largely unjustified and fabricated. They have tried to paint him as a bully, a liar, a racist, and a sexist. Yet time and again, the people who know him best, the people that actually work with the man and see him up close, have nothing but good things to say about him.

Compare that to Hillary Clinton, who leaves a trail of bodies (figuratively and literally) in her wake. People, like former Secret Service agents, frequently come forward to expose her abusive, disrespectful, and downright disgusting behavior.

Nothing like that comes out about Trump, outside of made-up scandals by people funded by the left. Instead, we see more reports of people who label the man as decent, professional, and respectful.

From Independent Journal:

Since former Miss Universe (1997) Alicia Machado came forward with allegations about things Donald Trump said to her after she reportedly gained weight following her pageant win, Trump’s treatment of women — specifically those who have competed in his pageants — has been called into question.

But then Madison Gesiotto, Miss Ohio 2014, claimed that Trump was nothing but kind and professional:

And America soon learned that she wasn’t alone:

Kristi Landers Niedenfuer competed in the Miss USA pageant in 2014 as well, as Miss Tennessee USA.

Had Trump really been a sexist pig, it would have been systemic. Meaning, every pageant contestant would have a story about how the man mistreated them.

Yet on the contrary, we are seeing more young women come out in support of the man, with only good things to say about him. Niedenfuer went on to talk about her first interaction with Trump, saying, “Within a few seconds of our initial introduction, I was pleasantly surprised and utterly inspired to see that Donald Trump is frankly a really cool guy!”

So what can be said about the attack from Alicia Machado? There’s no question that as a business person, Trump would have a few detractors. There will always be people who don’t like you. But Machado’s attack seems clearly orchestrated by the left, citing things he supposedly said that cannot be verified.

The growing evidence proves what we’ve always known, that despite Trump’s outspoken nature, up close he is a professional, respectful, and friendly person. Machado’s allegations are manufactured attacks from his rival Hillary Clinton and are not representative of the real man.

Hillary Clinton’s reputation, one the other hand…

Source: Independent Journal

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