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UNREAL! Another State Preparing to Let Grown Men Into Women’s Room…Do You Live Here?
By PJ Editor|April 22, 2016

This insanity just continues to spread.

As North Carolina and Mississippi continue to experience a social, media and economic backlash for taking the common sense position that men’s rooms are for men and women’s rooms are for women, liberal states have begun to go the other way.

They are writing and passing laws forcing an anti-freedom, radical agenda on private property owners and patrons of public restrooms.

Time tells the story of one state…

In a unanimous, bipartisan vote on Tuesday, California lawmakers advanced a bill that would require every single-occupancy bathroom in the state to be relabeled with “all gender” signage, making it clear that none of those spaces are exclusively for men or women. The vote, 14-0, took place in the business and professions committee and the bill will next be considered in the appropriations committee.

This insanity could be coming to a restroom near you!

Source: Time

PJ Editor
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