Anti-Hillary Street Artist STRIKES Again…You HAVE To See THIS!

We all remember the Ted Cruz poster featuring the former candidate covered in tattoos with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Now the same street artist has turned his guns on Hillary Clinton and the results are…um…well you just have to see it for your self. But be warned, you can never UN-see it!

The Hollywood Reporter has the details…

About 20 posters featuring an unflattering image of the Democratic nominee for president were hung Monday morning in the area by Sabo, a conservative street artist known for creating fake ads and traffic signs and affixing them illegally to bus stops and light poles in the dead of night.

His latest work is largely an anti-abortion statement, though it touches on feminism and alleged scandals involving the Clinton Foundation. And, with the number “6-6-6” tattooed around her neck, the rendering insinuates she may be Satan, or at least a devil worshipper.

An image of Saul Alinsky, the writer of Rules for Radicals who was allegedly a mentor of Clinton’s, is tattooed on one arm and $100 bills are on the other. There’s also a skeletal fetus about to be cut by scissors, a wire hanger, a vulture and the slogan “no bras, no masters.”


Source: Hollywood Reporter

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