We Found Him! Guess Which Anti-Trumper Was Just Arrested For Killing Spree Plot?

In light of recent shootings on American soil, law enforcement is on high alert.

Most of us know that the real danger doesn’t come from law-abiding gun owners, but unstable people. People who—regardless of gun control—mean to inflict harm on innocents. These people are deranged, mentally ill, and wish to cause as much pain as possible, in order to get attention.

Sometimes, tragically, they slip through the cracks. But thanks to diligent citizens and police, some are apprehended before they hurt others.

This one guy—an outspoken Trump critic—was about to do something terrible. Thankfully, he was found.

From PJ Media:

Have you ever heard of David Kenneth Smith? Chances are you haven’t — he’s a rabid anti-Trumper, thus his story didn’t fit any convenient narrative. News of his arrest was treated as a local story with no national significance. However, if this freak had been a right-wing activist, he’d have been a front-page story in every paper in the country.

Smith, 39, was arrested in Orange County, Calif., on Nov. 2 following an investigation involving the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He was charged with one felony count of making criminal threats after threatening a university professor through emails and posting threatening YouTube videos — in one he talked about going on a “killing spree.”

Police recovered nine loaded firearms registered to Smith after his arrest, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials…

Smith’s YouTube account, “King David,” is awash with creepy and concerning videos. In one, he mixed together different household items such as incense, antacids, and antifreeze.

In another disturbing video titled “What Good Does Killing Ever Do,” he explored the pros and cons of going on a “killing spree,” and decided that it sounded like a “great idea” compared to dying or committing suicide.

You don’t need to be an expert crime-fighter to realize this man is dangerous. See the source link below for videos on his creepy behavior.

This guy was up to no good. The fact remains that these shooters often post suspicious content online before they commit crimes. They send out messages that suggest they are up to something. These are called red flags. Vigilant friends, coworkers, and neighbors who report them mean the difference between a tragedy and saved lives.

Not everyone who posts odd content online is a killer. But when there are noticeable red flags, action should be taken. Police should be notified so they can investigate. If there’s nothing wrong, then fine. But more often than not, they find that people like Smith are loading up on weapons and getting ready to kill.

Thankfully this time, Smith was stopped. But how many more are out there, planning murder and mayhem?

Source: PJ Media

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