SHOCK: Anti-War Left Throws Convention Into CHAOS…Star Democrat Shouted Down!

As the hourglass turns…

This has been quite a Democratic National Convention—a soap opera, if you will.  Bernie Sanders protesters have made it clear that, as much as the media would like to paint the Democrats as united around Hillary, that’s just not the case.

It looked like things might be settling down as the week dragged on (hundreds of speeches!), but no, it looks like they were just warming up.  McClatchy DC reports:

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta was giving a speech in support of Hillary Clinton and her ability to take on terrorists when the crowd erupted into chants of “no more war” and “lies” at the Democratic National Convention. They interrupted Panetta several times before he ended his speech.

Give the anti-war liberals credit for this: they are efficient.  They were able to communicate the true feelings about America’s role in keeping itself safe and the world at peace, and at the same time show that the Democrats are a total mess right now.  What’s even worse is how heavy-handed the DNC was about dealing with them:

The DNC reportedly cut the lights over those protestors, prompting more outrage. 

This is a Republican dream come true.  If they can’t come together by the end of this convention, they never will, and that spells doom for Hillary Clinton and Obama’s plans to finish transforming America.

Source: McClatchy DC

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