Antifa Protester Violently Defies Trump—When He Turns Around, Cops Rock His World

Antifa is one of America’s biggest shames. A group of entitled, wealthy, spoiled college-aged students, who do nothing but crap all over our history and freedoms.

This group of actual fascists use violence to silence political speech. They hate our values, traditions, even Constitutional freedoms.

But once and a while, one of these idiots gets a taste of his own medicine. It’s not often enough.

From Daily Wire:

Things got dicey in Phoenix last night after President Trump’s speech, mainly because the so-called Antifa showed up to protest.

But one guy got more than a kick in the pants. He got hit squarely in the family jewels by a tear gas canister or a “pepper ball” fired by Phoenix police — on live TV.

The protester, wearing a a gas mask, is seen kicking a canister of tear gas back at police. Seconds later something hits him right in the cajones and a cloud of dust rises up. He doubles over in pain, drops to the ground and lies there until a friend comes along and helps him off the street.

In major cities around the country, Antifa is allowed to inflict violence against Americans. This is largely due to the fact that police forces are told to stand down, by liberal leaders and mayors. This has resulted in terrible acts of violence and rioting, from Washington, Berkeley, and Charlottesville.

But there are a few cities with common sense. With police forces concerned with protecting citizens. They won’t stand by and let the entitled, tantruming babies of Antifa run amock in their regions.

That appears to be the case in Phoenix. We knew the idiots of Antifa would show up to rain on the Trump rally. But they didn’t seem to expect actual law enforcement to do their job.

Did this Antifa brat think he was impervious to pain? Was he so filled with self-righteousness that he though he could kick a gas can at a cop and not face consequences?

This is Antifa in a nut shell (pun intended). They are a bunched of spoiled, selfish, whining babies who want to ruin our country.

But we ain’t gonna let em.

Source: Daily Wire

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