Antifa’s Dirty Secret Exposed—Every American Needs To See THIS:

Saturday’s horrifying events in Charlottesville led the mainstream media to shine a bright spotlight on alt-right groups.

While doing so, there were subtle implications that the so-called alt-right movement is what led President Donald Trump to victory last November. Additionally, there were plenty of veiled references that the beliefs of these groups are representative of the beliefs of Trump supporters as a whole.

That’s a false narrative on both accounts. Trump secured victory last November by touching a chord with the average American voter. Period, end of story. As for painting all Trump supporters with the same brush, that’s nothing more than an insult to those that support the commander-in-chief.

As per the norm in today’s day and age, the mainstream media failed to provide the public with some basic information while pushing the anti-Trump narrative. There’s hatred and extremism on both sides, and it’s not exclusive to one specific political belief set.       

That doesn’t make the actions of any extremists groups acceptable, but it does provide some more clarity on the bigger picture of what’s really going on at the various protests.

The Daily Wire passes along some details on one of the group’s that has gained the most notoriety on the Left.

Antifa routinely deploy fascist tactics to shut down, intimidate, harass, and bloody their political opponents. In fact, the group gained national visibility after viciously targeting Trump supporters at an event in Berkeley.

Antifa just so happened to be in Charlottesville this weekend as well. Where were the breakdowns of that group’s tactics and beliefs in mainstream reporting?

The Antifa group in Portland, known as Rose City Antifa, is particularly violent. The group has actively targeted Republican organizations and student groups, threatening to shut down events with violence.

It was nonexistent. Again, the actions of Antifa do not justify anything that an extreme right group is responsible for, but it does provide some additional context.

Like their counterparts in Europe, American leftist activists often promote violence and reap chaos through time-tested tactics such as black bloc assaults, which feature thousands of black-clad and masked self-professed anarchists destroying everything in sight with hockey sticks, baseball bats, metal poles, trash cans, and virtually anything they can get their hands on.

The prevailing narrative was that alt-right protesters were becoming violent with innocent counter-protesters that were simply there to stand up for what they believe in. While that may have been true in the case of some of the protesters, portraying the story in this fashion does an incredible disservice to readers and viewers.

Ultimately, these violent leftist activists do not appear to have a coherent, let alone unified, message. When they riot, activists air their grievances about everything from climate change to transphobia in an effort to espouse whatever fashionable leftist talking point is popular at the time.

Do the actions of Antifa mean that all Leftists are horrible people? Of course not. Properly grounded people are able to see things for what they are, and it’s high time the mainstream media stopped telling one side of the story. It’s ok to report that there’s extremism on both sides. Really, folks can handle that information.

Paranoid and conspiracy minded, the mainstream Left has abandoned all sense of political decorum to embrace vigilantism. And even liberals who aren’t explicitly praising Antifa are refusing to condemn their behavior. “Trump’s rise has also bred a new sympathy for Antifa among some on the mainstream left,” asserts The Atlantic.

That’s an interesting point, as liberal activism is portrayed as some kind of noble ‘resistance,’ while nearly all conservatives are painted with the hate speech brush. Why is that?

While Antifa claims to support “diversity,” the group’s rank-and-file is comprised mostly of single, unemployed young white males (far-left Antifa meet “alt-right” neo-Nazis and white supremacists).

There have long been rumblings that the various liberal protesters that pop up as needed are of the paid variety. There may be something to see here. Will the mainstream media explore that topic? Nah.  

Internalizing the social justice warrior (SJW) gospel, Antifa has come to believe that speech itself is tantamount to physical assault. As a result, Antifa deploys violent tactics to shut down speech they don’t like. We saw that vividly in Berkeley.

As with most things in life, the ones that yell the loudest get the most attention. There’s plenty of howls about alt-right extreme groups right about now, but nary a whisper about leftist groups that are just as extreme.

One is not more evil than the other, and the existence of one does not justify the existence of another. A little bit more balanced reporting on the topic is not too much to ask for, and that may actually help quell the outrage, at least a little bit.

The mainstream media won’t do that, as fanning the flames apparently equates to ratings gold.

Source: The Daily Wire  

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