Breaking: Appeals Court Drops A BOMBSHELL On Trump…But It’s WORSE Than We Thought!

President Donald Trump has fulfilled every promise he made during his campaign… and now the rubber meets the road. Th s**t hits the fan.  This game just got real.

Everyone knows by now that Trump quickly instituted a ban on foreign travel to 7 Muslim majority countries that were terror threats identified by the Obama administration.  While the liberal media predicted the end of freedom in America, the majority of Americans supported their president.

They did this for two reasons. First, it is within the President’s authority to restrict travel for national security reasons.  The courts have no legs to stand on here.  The second reason is that most people understood it was not a move made with malice, but instead putting America’s safety first.

When the initial court injunction came in place only days later, it seemed that it would quickly fall once the courts realized that, just like President Clinton deported Elian Gonzalez in the 90s, they had no authority.

But then it escalated to the appeals court, and they handed down a surprisingly unanimous opinion striking down the ‘travel pause.’  That’s not the worst news, though.  Here’s their reasoning:

The public “has an interest in free flow of travel, in avoiding separation of families, and in freedom from discrimination,” the three-judge panel said in a 29-page ruling.

Trump had a quick, Trumpian response, and he cut right to the point:

Trump got his point across: this is going all the way to the Supreme Court. Why? Because President Trump has sworn to uphold the Constitution, and that includes his responsibility to protect America from terrorist nations.

Remember how we said it gets worse? Well a just-released video is making it perfectly clear to everyone why Trump instituted this ban quickly. Syria’s President Assad has a shocking message about the refugees being sent into America:

In case you couldn’t watch: Bashar Al-Assad admits that many of the refugees America is letting into the country are aligned with terrorists.

So what happens next? This goes to the Supreme Court. But until then, if terrorists attack America, it’s going to be on the heads of the liberal judges and Obama.  And the media.  And all the bleeding-heart liberals out there who clearly would rather see America destroyed than protected. 

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Hopefully the Judge Gorsuch can be green-lit right away and the Supreme Court can get to the business of allowing President Trump to exercise his authority to protect America.

What do you think? Will the Supreme Court uphold Trump’s travel restrictions? Has America already been hurt by these liberal actions? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Yahoo! News, Bloomberg

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