Anti-Trump Morons RIOTED, Now 1 State Has Responded…In The Most Awesome Way Possible!

During this campaign, Democrats have been acting violently in a way Americans haven’t seen in decades.

They’ve turned on each other, as happened at their Nevada state convention, which saw delegates throwing chairs and sending death threats to party officials.

Others have taken their belligerence to the streets and directed it at presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and his supporters. Almost every Trump rally is disrupted in one way or another, inside the venue and out.

Observers have argued that these demonstrations exceed any “free speech” protections offered by the First Amendment because they actually violate its other constitutional guarantee: The right of others — in this case, Trump supporters — to assemble.

Having seen this for itself, one state has taken action.

According to

In Arizona, it just became a lot more dangerous to carry out a protest that blocks traffic.

Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law a piece of legislation that makes longer jail sentences possible for blocking traffic during protests (…)

The law will take effect on Aug. 6 and exponentially increases the maximum penalty from 30 days and $500 to six months and a $2,500 fine.

The legislation also prevents public colleges and universities from restricting “noncommercial expressive activity,” according to Your West Valley. That actually was the original plan for the bill, HB 2548. The piece is long overdue — the limitation of free speech at a public institution is not only immoral, but pretty clearly unconstitutional.

Before the bill was finished, it was decided that legislators would add the authority for stiffer sentences for those who block traffic en route to political rallies and government meetings — readers may remember how likely Republican nominee Donald Trump was blocked from entering a rally in Arizona back in march due to a mass of protesters.

When his entourage was blocked by a similar demonstration in San Francisco, Trump famously got out of his vehicle and walked to the event.

After all the images of anti-Trump protesters intimidating innocent people fade away, it’s likely that video of Trump’s reaction is what will linger in voters’ minds. It would be the ultimate irony if these Occupy and Black Lives Matter demonstrators ultimately help get him elected.


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