As Protests Continue…Trump DOES THIS To Show His Respect, Support For Cops

Who could’ve predicted the emotional and violent reactions we’ve seen from Clinton supporters because of this presidential election? From impassioned to even hysterical, reactions show that we may want to question some protester’s mental wellness.

President-elect Donald Trump, however, has shown remarkable sympathy and levelheadedness in the face of what may quickly turn into a national crisis. Especially if something isn’t done to quell the anger and fears of Trump’s opponents in the streets.

Further, we need to ensure the police who are managing these riots are well taken care of especially those who are handling them in front of Trump’s residence, because those specifically have kept the police busy ever the election ended with Trump’s victory.

Trump, himself, a staunch Blue supporter, is going above and beyond to help. According to Conservative Tribune:

He fed the police. According to a tweet by a Twitter user and police officer at @ChiTownCheese known only as Darren, Trump provided officers protecting the hotel with sandwiches and a safe place to eat while they worked to keep streets safe.

The Tribune continued:

This effort represents the true nature of Trump and his willingness to remember those Americans who have been forgotten by the Obama administration.

Of all people, police officers deserve our respect, not our condemnation. Feeding the offers is a small gesture, but it is one that far outshines what Obama did while protests were breaking out across the country — nothing, unless you consider golfing actually doing something.

The mainstream media must share a large portion of the blame for inflaming the gullible Hillary supporters by deceiving them into believing the election was “in the bag” for her and there was no chance of Trump winning.

Plus, their constant drumbeat of unsubstantiated accusations, false statements and slanders about Trump lent themselves to giving liberals a completely inaccurate picture of the kind of person Trump is.

Source: Conservative Tribune 



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