A Criminal In Office Isn’t The SCARIEST Thing That Could Happen Tomorrow…Will Voters Be ATTACKED?

Election day is already scary enough without threats, knowing a criminal may take office. But now this.

Reports show that Americans are being targeted for a terrorist attack on election day.

ISIS is calling on its followers to disrupt the U.S. election tomorrow. Even ifthe threat is an empty one, everyone should remain aware of their surroundings as they head out.

From Zero Hedge:

Ritz Katz, director of terrorist monitoring group SITE Intelligence Group, said Saturday on Twitter that the threats appear in an essay carried by the Islamic State’s Al Hayat media center [and] declares militants “have come to slaughter you and smash your ballot boxes.”

The essay, which uses lengthy religious arguments in an effort to justify such attacks, also declares there is no difference between the republican and democratic parties in their “policies against Islam and Muslims.”

Meanwhile, federal authorities are reviewing information about the abovementioned potential interest by al-Qaeda to conduct attacks in the U.S. on the eve of Tuesday’s elections, several federal and state law enforcement officials said Friday. The credibility of the threat, which identified New York, Virginia and Texas as locations, has not been established, one official told USA Today.

Don’t allow these threats to stop you from exercising your right to vote. That’s precisely the result ISIS is hoping for. They’ll count that as a victory.

Source: Zero Hedge

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