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AWESOME: Obama Drops AMAZING About Where He Is Going…For Once, You Will Be CHEERING!
By PJ Editor|December 17, 2016

If you feel like many Americans, there is nothing that Obama could say that could be good news, much less have you excited!

However, after eight years of enduring Obama’s far left policies and announcements about how he is ruining this country, he finally had some good news to share. The announcement came right after Obama finished his press conference on Friday.

According to Western Journalism:

Following the press conference the president, first lady and their girls left for Hawaii for their final vacation as the first family…

The trip is scheduled to last until Jan. 2, when the first family will return to the White House for the final weeks of Obama’s presidency…

The best part? Western Journalism continues:

After returning from their vacation, the Obamas will have less than three weeks before they vacate the White House to make way for President-elect Donald Trump.

Only weeks left of Barack! That’s the best Christmas present the Obamas could’ve given us.

Source: Western Journalism


PJ Editor
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