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AWESOME: Trump Chooses Star To Perform At Inauguration…She’s Singing The National Anthem!
By Barry Dillinger|December 15, 2016

For Obama’s second Inauguration, he chose a mere three performers for his star-studded night of self-congratulation. After all, this second election was a gift, if you remember, when he said that if he didn’t accomplish what he needed to do, he would not run for a second term? Well, we all know how that turned out, don’t we? So, there he was at his second Inauguration celebration joined by the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Beyoncé, and James Taylor.

For his first Inauguration, it was a more sober affair with performances by Mary J. Blige, Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, Renée Fleming, Caleb Green, Josh Groban, Herbie Hancock, Heather Headley, Beyoncé, Bettye Lavette, John Legend, John Mellencamp, Jennifer Nettles, Pete Seeger, Shakira, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, U2, Usher, will.i.am and Stevie Wonder (in alphabetical order, of course…we wouldn’t want to offend Usher or Stevie).

For Bush 43’s second Inauguration, there was…chaos apparently. From World Socialist Web Site: Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Washington Thursday to protest the inauguration of George W. Bush for a second term as US president. Many lined the route of the inaugural parade, booing and jeering as Bush’s limousine made its way down Pennsylvania Avenue. “Not our president,” some chanted. (Sound familiar?)

Others clashed with police during an otherwise peaceful march through the streets of the US capital. Cops used pepper spray and tear gas against some of the demonstrators, and there were a number of arrests. (This is ringing bells, too!)

The mass media gave short shrift to the protests. Instead, they chose to focus on the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration ceremony, which served to mask the criminality of the US administration. (By mass media, they mean “Fox News.”)

The inauguration took place in a police state atmosphere. A 100-block area surrounding the inaugural parade route was blocked off to normal traffic. Businesses and offices shut down for the day and school was cancelled in the city because of the intense security. (“Damn those dirty, rich, school-hating Republicans!”)

Well, you can fill in the blanks. My intention was to go on to Bill Clinton’s Inauguration, but the Socialists are just so much fun.

For the President-elect, he chose to out-do them all. The Obama-captivated media has dubbed Trump the “Reality TV President” and in order to follow suit, he has opted for a grand spectacle, one that will invoke the spirit of P.T. Barnum. Peanuts, anybody?

Get ready for the reveal!


Western Journalism is here to be the bearer of sensational news:

The speculation as to which big name entertainer will be asked to perform at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump has come to an end. In an announcement on Wednesday, 16-year-old Jackie Evancho told NBC’s Today that she has been asked to sing the National Anthem during the ceremony.

Yes, that’s correct. Donald Trump, the purveyor of misogyny, hate speech, over-the-top generalizations, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia and arachnophobia, has chosen a sweet 16-year-old girl with one hell of a voice to sing at his ceremony. Once again, Trump trumps the media and completely dazzles with a knock-out punch.

Source: Western Journalism

Barry Dillinger
Husband, Father of 5, Veteran in US Army under 3 Presidents (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield), Screenwriter, Novelist
Husband, Father of 5, Veteran in US Army under 3 Presidents (Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield), Screenwriter, Novelist
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