WHOA: Back-Stabbing Bernie STRIKES…Latest Statement Just CRIPPLED Clinton’s Campaign!

One of the ugliest things to come out of the 2016 election was the treatment of Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders. Despite his growing momentum and surge of young supporters, his own party worked overtime to sabotage his campaign.

There is clear evidence that, had he the same support from party leaders as Hillary did, this election would have looked much different. He had enough grassroots momentum to tie up the nomination, most certainly beating out Hillary Clinton.

However, the establishment refused to let an outsider like Bernie win, and put in major efforts to destroy his campaign. Now he’s left being forced to endorse one of the most corrupt politicians for president—the very kind of person he fought against—because she is the party choice.

It would make anyone upset.

Recently he spoke about the scandal surrounding Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. Although he couldn’t openly denounce Hillary, he said as much as he could to discredit her reputation with the shady foundation.

From NBC News:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says Hillary Clinton “should cease all operations, all contact” with the Clinton Foundation if she wins in November.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Clinton’s one-time rival was pressed on if that means the foundation should shut down entirely.

Sanders replied, “At the very least, she should not be involved. At the very least.”

However, Sanders conceded that he didn’t “know enough” to say if the foundation should be shut down during a potential Clinton presidency. He also acknowledged that the group does “a lot of good things with AIDS, and so forth.”

We know what Bernie really wanted to say. Anyone who paid attention to his rhetoric at the beginning of the year knows that Clinton represents everything he hates. The Clinton Foundation is the very embodiment of the corruption of American politics and death of our personal liberties, as it helps give power to rich entities.

But Sanders is currently prevented from speaking his mind, despite being unjustly beaten by Clinton. Perhaps he’s waiting four years to run again. Perhaps Hillary got to him, promising a cabinet position if she wins.

Although other remarks he made belies his true intentions, as he spoke fondly of third party candidates.

Separately, Sanders was asked if third party candidates, like Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, should be able to participate in the presidential debates.

The Vermont senator said if “people reach a certain level” they should be included, but added the current 15% standard is “probably too high” and “probably should be lower.”

As a man who has always challenged the status quo, he most certainly wants to see alternative voices get their shot. Although he cannot openly defy Crooked Hillary, his support of these other rivals shows he hasn’t been completely devoured by the Clinton machine.

Source: NBC News

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