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Baton Rouge Victim’s Mother SPEAKS…Race Hustlers Loose Minds – BRILLIANT Honesty!
By PJ Editor|July 11, 2016

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Black Lives Matters and all of the other race hustlers have done everything they can to turn the recent shootings of black men by cops into racial issues to support their narrative.

While they seek to tear us apart, the victim’s families aren’t following the script!

Speaking with The Associated Press, Quinyetta McMillon specifically said she prefers that Sterling’s death not be made into “a race thing.” She also expressed massive support for police in Dallas who lost five of their officers Thursday to a racially motivated sniper attack.

“Now, I’m walking a mile with them,” she said. “We’re bearing the same shoes right now.”

This is an extraordinary woman and she deserves our respect and our prayers as she struggles with her son’s death. It would be easy to let hate rule and lash out, but she is choosing the right path. She continues…

“I do not believe in my heart that there was a gun,” she said about Sterling’s death, adding that she supported the federal government’s decision to open its own investigation into the two officers who shot him. “They should be prosecuted, the both of them. I don’t want the death penalty for them. I want them to be in prison.”

There will be a legal proceeding and based on the information that we have, the cops will likely be indicted and convicted. They took her sons live, seemingly without regard.

But whatever the outcome, Quinyetta McMillon and Alton Sterling’s entire family deserve our prayers and support.

Source: Conservative Tribune

PJ Editor
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