It’s no secret that Glenn Beck is no Donald Trump fan. It’s also no secret that he has a tendency to say wacky things.

It seems that he didn’t get away with it this time.

SiriusXM has suspended Beck and may cancel his contract.

According to Breitbart…

The suspension is in response to the interview Beck did with fiction author Brad Thor last Wednesday, in which Thor likened the GOP’s presumptive nominee Donald Trump to a South American-style dictator who would cause an “extinction-level event” for the country if elected. Thor then declared that in such a case, Congress would not be able to remove Trump from office by “legal means” through impeachment, so Thor asked “what patriot will step up and do that” if Trump oversteps his Constitutional restraints. Beck agreed with Thor’s assessment.

Discourse is good, encouraging your listeners to assassinate a presidential candidate…not so much.

Source: Breitbart

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