Ben Carson Has Had Enough…Drops EPIC Truth On Obama He Didn’t Want To Hear! [WATCH]

It’s clear that President Obama is now in the stage of his career where he is garnering international favor over the favor of the American public. His attempts at bringing in more Syrian refugees, circumventing the law to do it, is one sign that he is trying to appease European leaders overwhelmed by the crisis.

His attempts to push for strong gun control and transgender rights are part of a plan to make America look and feel more like liberal, socialist Europe.

Obama made some stunning comments¬†in the wake of the Dallas shootings, where 12 police officers were harmed by a black sniper. Obama had some trite, forgettable words for the foreign press, as he spoke in Poland. He reasserted the America was united. Of course he’d have to say that, seeing as all the division and crisis we face was after his eight years of his bad leadership.

But he wants to look good to his foreign buddies, who just might have a job opening for him come next year.

Despite Obama’s obvious ignoring of the facts, America is in a desperate state, largely due to his divisive rhetoric. But one keen-eyed person is not letting this slip by.

Ben Carson spoke about Obama’s irresponsible comments.

Carson calls out Obama and activists movements for making the relations between races, genders, and religions worse than it has been for decades. He stood up for police officers for the risks they take to make our cities safe, something Obama refuses to do.

Sadly we don’t, right now, have the kind of leadership Carson represents. We need to eject the ignorant, intentionally deceptive practices of Obama and his liberal cronies. Only then can we begin to unite our nation once more.

Source: YouTube

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