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Benghazi Hero Has 11 DIRECT Words For Susan Rice: “She Should Testify And Then…
By Faith Braverman|April 6, 2017

The horror of losing four Americans in the brutal siege of Benghazi was a devastating blow to the country. Eleven years to the day after 9/11, the country once again mourned the loss of American lives.

But over the next few weeks, shocking revelations were made about the attack that made the truth even more troubling.

Former national security advisor Susan Rice went on multiple morning news shows to blame the attack on a YouTube video in a pathetic attempt to save Obama’s reelection campaign.

Ultimately, winning the election was more important to Hillary, Rice and Obama than saving Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty.

One individual in particular was incensed while watching these lies being told by Rice, and has been raising the alarm about her and other Democrats ever since.

Kris Paronto was there during the siege of the consulate, and if you don’t know who Kris Paronto is, you should.  He is a true American hero. Watch him talk at this Trump rally about the truth of Benghazi, which Obama and Susan Rice did everything they could to cover up:

And now, in this latest (and possibly more explosive) scandal Rice finds herself in, Paronto is not mincing words about her.

From Independent Journal Review:

“When I saw her on TV on September 13, 2012, talking about Benghazi. I rolled my eyes at how she was trying to cover it up. I was there in the fight. I know that no help came. I know that nobody showed up. Still, Rice decided to try and cover it up, and make up a reason for why we were there.

Obama may no longer be the president, but Susan Rice is still regurgitating the previous administration’s sound bites. She’s just a mouthpiece. And she thinks she’s untouchable because she got away with lying about Benghazi. Hillary got away with her email server. So why wouldn’t Rice think she is above the law?”

Paronto went on to condemn Rice’s efforts to use her authority to leak the names of the individuals on Trump’s transition team, completely disgusted that she was willing to risk more American lives through her actions.

“I want to see Rice go to a subcommittee hearing and have Rep. [Devin] Nunes dress her down, and then see her walk out in handcuffs. Let the whole world see her walk out of that room in handcuffs. That would send a clear message to anyone in the future who chooses to abuse their power as Rice has.”

Paronto’s words resonate with many Americans who would like to see Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump prosecute Susan Rice to the fullest extent of the law to make an example out of her. These individuals must be stopped from continuing to wreak havoc on the nation.

Kris Paronto embodies this belief through his work as the Chairman of “Leading From the Front” – an organization whose goals are “to build support for a new strategy to defeat radical Islam” and “to expose and overwhelm the Leftist holdovers within our own government that are fighting us every step of the way.”

Source: Independent Journal Review

Faith Braverman
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