Bernie Thought He Was Safe — Until Hometown Democrats Stab Him In The Back

Bernie Sanders may be a darling among liberal Socialists, but he’s hardly a good leader.

His radical intentions for this country would be devastating. Even as a Senator, he poses to be a clear enemy of making American great again.

But word is, his chances at reelection may not be as clear cut as they seem—since several prominent issues might deflate his career.

From NBC News:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is one of the country’s most popular political figures, but opponents hope an continuing FBI investigation and his national ambitions could make him vulnerable at home.

Jon Svitavsky, a homeless advocate who has never held public office, tore into Sanders for undercutting Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party during last year’s presidential primaries…

The political novice, who clashed with Sanders over homelessness policy in Vermont in the past, thinks Democrats need to stop “coddling” the senator…

And Svitavsky said Vermont voters are concerned by the FBI investigation into the finances of Burlington College, a small school that Sanders’ wife ran before it shut down under the weight of a bank loan she took out…

He’s backed by a small group called Organizing for Democrats, which has harshly criticized Sanders on social media and slammed the Democratic National Committee for working with him.

From all appearances, Jon Svitavsky is a relatively disheveled, uncouth individual. Yet for this unknown to grab media attention and challenge a long-standing Senator tells you everything about the Democratic Party.

Even a darling like Sanders has bones in his closet. While he might ride a little bit of sympathy over the Democratic primaries, he’s hardly got a track record to protect his seat forever.

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Considering how disorganized the democrats have become, it would be no surprise for an outsider to knock Sanders from his Senate throne.

Add to the fact that Sanders is a one-percenter, the group he regularly attacks, and his wife cheated a college, things might not be too rosy for the man, come reelection.

Let’s hope both candidates destroy each other, and a strong conservative swoops in to save the day.

Source: NBC News

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