BETRAYAL: Trump Pulls EVEN In Tough Swing State…But These Republicans Are SABOTAGING Him!

Judging by the different reactions to the first presidential debate, some deemed Donald Trump to have had a rather lackluster performance (but not according to the polls!)  while Hillary Clinton on the other hand looked prepared and confident. Even too confident. You could see the confidence exuding from her as if she had some secret advantage that, in her mind at least, made her invincible.

It has been speculated that Hillary was wearing a wired device under her pantsuit and an earpiece that was feeding her information and responses to Trump’s spontaneous, off-the-cuff statements. There are pictures of Hillary shaking, moderator, Lester Holt’s hand after the debate and what looks like a wire can be clearly seen. Hillary’s answers to Holt’s questions even sounded rehearsed as if she had read the debate script beforehand.

In any case, Trump evidently couldn’t connect with some longtime Republican supporters in Colorado who are now reconsidering how they will vote. One such Republican was quoted by the Los Angeles Times:

Chelsea Nunnenkamp is the kind of party loyalist who bleeds Republican red. She started walking precincts and stuffing envelopes for GOP candidates at age 15. During high school, she kept a poster of Ronald Reagan above her bed.

But come November, for the first time ever, she may vote for a third-party presidential candidate or, possibly, skip that line on her ballot altogether. She is terrified, she said, by Donald Trump and his egocentric campaign.

“I just feel with such strong conviction that I do not want to be associated with that,” said Nunnenkamp, 28, who works in Denver’s oil and gas industry. “I joke with my friends, ‘I don’t want to tell my grandkids that I voted for him.’ I won’t do it.”

The Democrats will be courting favor with these kinds of voters who feel Trump isn’t their kind of Republican but Trump really isn’t the kind of Republican we’re used to seeing. These Republicans are designated by a new name to fit their turncoat, Liberal, anti-Republicanism. We call them RINOs which stands for “Republican In Name Only” and simply means they are Democrats who are affiliated with the Republican party and call themselves by that moniker.

Republicans, like Ms. Nunnenkamp, have apparently swallowed the Liberal narrative about Trump being a racist, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe and any other slander the mainstream media can think of to hurl at him. The media always slings as much mud as possible knowing that eventually some of it will stick and it’s having an effect on voter’s perceptions of Trump.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

While recent polls suggest a tightening race, Republican and Democratic strategists alike agree that Colorado is Hillary Clinton’s to lose, in good part because of voters like Nunnenkamp — women who might otherwise vote Republican but plan to stay home, vote independent or even cross party lines and support the Democratic nominee.

If Donald Trump is going to win over Colorado voters he’ll have to overcome the perception that he is all those terrible things Hillary and her shills, the mainstream media, have been saying about him. The next three debates should prove very interesting!

Source:  Los Angeles Times

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