HORRIBLE: What Joe Biden Just Said About Donald Trump Is DISGUSTING…Trump Is FURIOUS!

The always odious Joe Biden hit the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton today.

You can always expect Biden to spew venom and stupidity in equal measure and he was in rare form!

What he says not only proves that the Democrats will say and do anything to hold on to political power, it also shows the obscene double standard that exists in the media. Can you imagine the response if a Republican said THIS?

“What bothers me most about Donald Trump is his cynicism is unbounded,” Biden said at a rally in his birthplace of Scranton, with the Democratic nominee at his side. “How can there be pleasure in division and ‘You’re fired’? How can he care about the middle class? It’s such a bunch of malarkey. It makes no sense. This guy doesn’t care about the middle class.”

But the worst was yet to come…

“This guy’s shame has no limits. He would have loved Stalin. He would have loved Stalin,” Biden said, referring to the former dictator of the Soviet Union.

Anyone who compares a democratically nominated American candidate to a man responsible for the deaths of 50 million of his own countrymen should not only be ignored, he should be shamed by a responsible media..oh, yeah…right.

Source: Huffington Post

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