Joe Biden Drops Brutal Truth On Hillary…Proves Trump Supporters Were Right All Along!

With the dust finally setting on the 2016 Election, a precious few liberals are coming to their senses.

After weeks of fighting, complaining, and attempting to undermine the election, some are beginning to acknowledge why Hillary lost so spectacularly and why Trump won.

Most liberals will continue to bellyache, driving a wedge between themselves and regular Americans. Yet a few have enough common sense to see that the democrats are losing touch with many voters and need to make significant changes.

One of those democrats just happens to be the Vice President.

From Breitbart:

The vice president said that Trump’s connection with the audience, forced him to remember one of his father’s adages: “I don’t expect the government to solve my problems. But I expect them to understand it…”

[H]e told the Times, unlike the former first lady, who called Trump’s supporters “irredeemable” and “deplorables,” Biden defended Trump’s voters as regular Americans, like the ones he knew growing up.

“They’re all the people I grew up with. They’re their kids. And they’re not racist. They’re not sexist. But we didn’t talk to them,” he said. “I believe that we were not letting an awful lot of people — high school-educated, mostly Caucasian, but also people of color — know that we understood their problems.”

Rumors swirled over the last year and a half of Biden’s potential candidacy for the White House. While we now know it never came to fruition, there was a time when he considered it.

It was that tact the vice president was expected to take during his own aborted presidential campaign, where he intended to maintain the policy trajectory of President Barack Obama, tempered by a spirit of comity and respect for the people on the other side of the aisle — “a campaign of the heart.”

Unfortunately for the democrats, Hillary Clinton stole the nomination process, forcing out any other viable candidates for running. It was a strategy of collusion and corruption that was one of the leading factors of her loss.

Only now, after the democrats lost so much ground, are they trying to make sense of it. Perhaps a few of them will realize why they lost and peddle back from their extreme progressive views. Perhaps they will learn to connect with regular Americans once again.

Perhaps not.

Source: Breitbart

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