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Bill Clinton Loses It On Trump…For Stating This OBVIOUS Truth! – BRUTAL
By George Gerard|September 11, 2016

In hearing Bill Clinton this week the first thing that came to mind was a calm, confident, smiling Ronald Reagan as he looked over at Jimmy Carter in the October 1980 Presidential Debate and quipped, “there you go again..” before he masterfully dismantled Carter’s take that misrepresented his position on Medicare.

Oh, if he could only be here now I would love to hear what he had to say.  I imagine he would be quite concerned over how politically divided we have become, especially over the last eight years.  But I am sure he would have some choice comments on the incredible arrogance and gall the Clintons have displayed, reaching previously un-attained peaks that continue to astound the intelligent rational mind.

In Breitbart:

“All we’ve done is save lives,” the former president told voters in Detroit on Monday.

“I got tickled the other day when Mr. Trump called my foundation a criminal enterprise,” he said in Durham, N.C., on Tuesday.

“If creating jobs and saving lives is bad,” Mr. Clinton said Wednesday in Orlando, “I guess you can zing me with it.”

Saving lives and making life-saving medicine available to the poor is not why “several FBI field offices” asked the Justice Department to investigate the murky connections between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

While Bill Clinton was “creating jobs and saving lives,” he was also being paid $500,000 by a Russian-backed bank to give a single speech in Moscow. Hillary Clinton was using her position as secretary of state to give Clinton Foundation donors weapons deals, and her brother was scoring a rare Haitian “Gold Exploitation Permit” worth millions of dollars.

Despite the charity work, the Clinton Foundation received hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign funders, many of whom received favorable treatment from Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

While the Foundation has certainly done some good, the overwhelming impression (more so becoming fact every day) of impropriety overshadows and negates so much of those efforts.  Do they really think we are that stupid?  Yes.  Do they care?  Apparently not.

When you repeatedly lie so much that to you it becomes truth is a process psychiatrists call “conditioning”. Watching Bill Clinton stand there spewing his spin is something to see.  At first it amazes, then angers but ultimately you can actually feel sorry for him (if only for a split second), as you witness someone who so craves attention and the spotlight so desperately become less and less significant on a daily basis.

Source: Breitbart


George Gerard
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