Clinton Insider Reveals Number of Affairs Bill Clinton Had…It is STAGGERING

We all know about Benghazi and the emails. But do we really want another replay of Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster and Mr. First man fondling any female who smiles his way?

Can’t America see that we have a lady who habitually lies running for the highest office in the land and married to a deviant?

To make matters worse, Bill Clinton is now viewed as a wise man. Have we forgotten the number of ladies who have come forward?

Linda Tripp, the lady who helped break the Monica Lewinsky scandal, wants us to know the number. In an interview Tripp said that Bill Clinton has slept with “thousands of women.” Wow! Bill Clinton has more sexual sins than Bill Cosby.

Tripp said that Bill Clinton has slept with “thousands of women.”

Maybe it’s the name Bill. Sorry to all you Williams out there. Maybe it’s the initials. We can be sure if this begins to cost Hillary in the election, CNN will do a study on promiscuity and the initials BC.

But to think with everything we have seen and know that we as a society will turn a blind eye to the affairs and scandals of the former first family. How can someone with all this baggage even begin to run for the presidency again?

Easy. Hillary and the mainstream media blame others for even bringing it up. Mrs. Clinton knows about the liaisons and smears the women involved.

Listen again to Tripp’s words, “All of the scandals that had come before and were so completely obliterated in the mind’s eye of the American people because of the way all of them were essentially discounted. So I watched a lying president and a lying first lady present falsehoods to the American people.”

The Clintons lie and the press turns a blind eye. But thousands of women know the truth.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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