Bill Clinton Just Leaked His Verdict On Hillary’s Book—Look What He Did With It

There’s this weird quirk on the left, where they tend to coddle and commiserate the people in their midst.

Instead of inspiring minorities and women to do great things, they baby them, blaming their problems on other factors and people. It’s a major crutch for progressives, one of the ways they control and manipulate their supporters.

That’s just what failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is now doing. Instead of sucking up her losses and moving on, she’s going on a cry-baby tour, promoting a book on why she lost.

It’s an odd move, to those of us with brains. But, as it turns out, conservatives aren’t the only ones baffled by her book. Even Hillary’s own husband hated it and told her not to publish it.

And look what he did to it!

From Daily Wire:

The two-time loser is now on a tour selling her new book, What Happened (as if she needs more money). She’s wandering the country and, for some reason, Canada, telling a few hundred people at a time that the world conspired against her when she got absolutely pummeled by Donald Trump in the presidential race…

“Before Hillary sent the manuscript to her publisher, she gave it to Bill to read, and he made major changes with a red pencil,” said a close Clinton family friend. “But she refused to even read his corrections, and he got so furious that he tossed the entire manuscript into the garbage…

“He told her the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused, and that those were poor qualities in a person who aspired to be a world leader,” the friend continued.

“He hated the title because calling it ‘What Happened’ would only make people say, ‘You lost.’ He urged her to postpone the pub date and rewrite the book, but she yelled at him and said, ‘The book is finished and that’s how it’s going to be published.’”

It’s almost as if Bill was trying to offering guidance and support to his wife! I think that’s called being a husband. But far be it for Crooked Hillary to accept the input of a man—even if that man is married to her.

Most people find it laughable that Hillary needed to write a book explaining why she lost. We were all there, Hillary, we know what happened. Trump destroyed you.

The fact that she needed to produce a work of fiction, attacking everyone for her loss, pretty much encapsulates the woman and her career. We all remember when she let Americans die in Benghazi, blaming everything—including an unrelated video—but herself. Of course she’d have to have a final say in an election where she blew up to $1 billion to lose.

For her to reject the advice of Bill Clinton—former president and husband—tells you everything you need to know about the woman.

Source: Daily Wire

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