Bill Nye Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission To The World—Global Warming Followers Crushed

Years ago, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” inspired millions of kids on a PBS show. That show was eventually canceled. But instead of riding off into the sunset, Bill Nye in the ensuring years has become something of a poster child for the very worst of environmental activism.

Being very unscientific, he has pushed political issues like global warming, transgenderism, and other bunk topics. Instead of inspiring kids to love real science, he’s used whatever name-recognition he still has to shove nonsense down our collective throats.

But now it looks like he’s finally coming to terms with his own faded glory, as he made this shocking admission.

From Daily Wire:

Speaking with Salon’s Jeremy Binckes, Bill Nye, the Not A Scientist Guy admitted he’s a failure when it comes to his Global Warming evangelization…

“The United States has now got the head of the EPA who wants to close the EPA,” he said in disbelief.

The fossil fuel industry has “worked so hard to introduce doubt,” continued Nye, using noticeably religious language.

“We’ve done virtually nothing [climate change] all this time,” he lamented.

The former kids’ show host exclaimed: “I am a failure!”

Sure, Nye is a failure in the sense that he was unsuccessful in converting the masses to believe in the one true Global Warming God, but, on the upside, he’s also made some spectacularly awful media in the meantime.

For example, on his widely panned Netflix show, Nye, with the help of actress Rachel Bloom, explained to the world how sexuality is “on a spectrum,” boasting some super impressive, highbrow lyrics.

Sorry, Bill. You’re not just a failure because of Trump and Scott Pruitt. You’re also a failure because of the 400 scientific reports that came out this year debunking climate change. Reports that prove human industry and CO2 emissions aren’t harming the environment. Perhaps you should have been looking into real science all these years, instead of milking your name to sell terrible books and shows.

As someone who used to work at the EPA, I know exactly how mismanaged that agency is. Anything Pruitt can do to right that ship, even if it means shutting it down, is okay in my book.

Despite Nye’s admission of failure, his Netflix show was renewed for a second season. Which only proves how much Netflix is trying to drive away customers.

Now’s as good a time to try Hulu, anyway.

Source: Daily Wire

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