Bill Nye’s Battle With Tucker Carlson Just Went NUCLEAR…This Is Going VIRAL! [Watch]

Tucker Carlson’s nightly show on Fox News has quickly become must-see viewing for American conservatives.

Every single night, Carlson goes up against a different far-left flake and (verbally) beats them to a pulp each time.

If you haven’t seen the show, it’s important to know that Carlson isn’t a stereotypical “right wing” blowhard. He doesn’t scream or lose his temper. Carlson’s secret weapons are his breathtaking command of history, statistics and the facts, which he calmly presents to his dumbfounded debate victims.

These exchanges really aren’t fair fights, but they are undeniably fun to watch.

One of Carlson’s most high profile opponents was TV personality Bill Nye, “The Science Guy.” Nye is held up as an articulate proponent of man-made climate change, and a beloved personality on the left.

His February appearance on Carlson’s show didn’t go well:

As The Daily Wire and others reported, Nye’s appearance on Carlson’s hit Fox News show in February did not go particularly well (video below). The problem came down to Nye’s inability to answer some very fundamental questions on the theory of man-made global warming, on which Nye presents himself as somewhat of an expert, despite not being a climatologist, meteorologist, or any other kind of -ologist for that matter.

Not very quick on the ball, Nye took this long to take part in a sequel to this instant-classic showdown. Except there’s a problem — actually, there are a few:

First, the new video is called “Tucker Carlson vs Bill Nye: Round Two.” Except… Tucker Carlson isn’t in it. It’s a video Nye made of himself, giving a monologue about climate change, obviously without the risk of anyone interrupting him with more facts.

And the content of this “response” video isn’t even accurate, as the Daily Wire points out:

Note that he does not actually address the key question that was the sticking point between him and Carlson. The one “fact” that he actually cites in the entire response is that “97 percent of the world’s scientists, very close to 100 percent of the world’s scientists are very concerned about climate change.” Here’s a fact check on that dubious “fact.” As for the rambling nature and strange delivery of the response, why did he not insist on some better editing and do a few more takes? He moves from “fruit flies” and “dandelions” to the World Cup to an incomplete reference to the Trump inauguration crowd size debate. His comments on the freedom of the press and the need for the establishment media to reassert itself are equally incoherent.

In other words: It’s not just that Nye was flustered by being confronted by an intelligent opponent in the person of Tucker Carlson. Even without that handicap, in a video completely under his own control, Nye makes little sense!

And viewers seem to agree: Nye’s video views are dwarfed by the one million plus garnered by the original, far more educational and entertaining showdown.

Source: Daily Wire

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