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SCORCHED! When A Liberal Race-Baiter Bashes Trump, This Black Conservative’s Response is PERFECT
By PJ Editor|April 7, 2016

The claim that Donald Trump is running a “segregated campaign” was just too much to take.

On last night’s Kelly File, sparks flew as the leading black voices of the left and right clashed over Trump’s campaign and his message to African-Americans.

On “The Kelly File” tonight, author and PBS host Tavis Smiley accused Donald Trump and other Republicans of running “segregated campaigns” which haven’t tried to appeal to all Americans.

“If you can’t campaign to all of America — if you’re only campaigning to one slice of America, then how do we believe that you want to be president for all of America?” Smiley said.

Next, Herman Cain joined the show to react to Smiley’s comments. He strongly disagreed with Smiley’s assertion that Republicans have limited their outreach.

“The only thing that I agree with Tavis on, is the fact that the Democrats have taken advantage of black people for 50 years, and they’ve gone beyond that. They have conned black people.”

Click photo to watch the full exchange:

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Source: FOX News Insider

PJ Editor
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