SHOCK Video – Black Lives Matter’s HORRIFYING Attack On The Trumps!

Hillary Clinton made her feelings about the Black Lives Matter movement clear when a group of mothers associated with the anti-cop agitators were treated as stars on the stage of the Democratic National Convention. She’s also met privately with some of the group’s leaders.

In return, BLM types have gone from looting their own neighborhoods to targeting Donald Trump’s highly conspicuous property.

Jim Hoft reports:

Black Lives Matter activists are responsible for millions of dollars of public destruction and dozens of attacks on police and innocent pedestrians.

On Saturday Black Lives Matter goons defaced the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.

The liberal mainstream media totally IGNORED the attack. A Google search on “Trump International Washington DC” finds only one article on the vandalism – by conservative media outlet Independent Journal Review.

The vandal was caught on video, but so far there have been no reports of his arrest or even that police are investigating.

What would happen if someone were to paint graffiti on Clinton Foundation headquarters? That’s easy: It would be a hot topic on every news outlet, and Hillary’s army of Twitter trolls would be screaming for justice.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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