Black Lives Matter STRIKES Again! This Time They Went TOO FAR…

If anyone had their doubts about the motivations of Black Lives Matter, they need to start paying attention.

A group that claims to fight to protect black Americans from the supposed discrimination of our police and–by extension–our society, more often than not assaults white Americans. The group consistently drives a wedge between black people and their neighbors, asserting that all their problems and struggles are a result of white people.

Instead of inspiring black Americans to do good—as Civil Rights leaders of the past did—BLM incites hate against white people. Instead of looking for common ground, they seek to burn everything to the ground.

So it comes as no surprise that an “anti-Trump” protest in Seattle, WA, this weekend was co-opted by a Black Lives Matter supporter.

The things this woman said staggers beliefs.

(Warning: profanity)

From Daily Caller:

During an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, an activist associated with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement took to the megaphone to voice her support for, among other things, “killing people,” and “killing the White House….”

At 1:50 in the video clip, she goes, “And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your fucking White House, your fucking Presidents, they must go! Fuck the White House.”

“Pay the fuck up, pay the fuck up. It ain’t just your fucking time, its your fucking money, and now your fucking life is devoted to social change,” she said.

This is what social justice is all about, attacking Americans who are in no way responsible for the problems facing black people. The Black Lives Matter movement is producing black Americans filled with hatred toward their own neighbors. It is spreading poisonous racism and hate, instead of building unity among all Americans.

The original video—which was taken down from YouTube due to their anti-hate speech rules—claimed the woman was a school teacher. Can you imagine? A person responsible for the education and protection of young children is spouting such deeply-rooted hate not seen among many.

As I have mentioned, the original video was removed by YouTube, but already many more versions have been reposted on multiple video-sharing sites. Could YouTube have removed it so people won’t know what this group really believes? Or do they actually care about protecting white people from the same kind of hate speech other groups endure?

There’s no way of knowing.

Source: Daily Caller

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