Bombing Proves Trump Right…Identified SEVERE Threat To America [FRIGHTENING!]

It’s a dangerous world out there.

Despite what apologists like President Obama say, much of the danger can be attributed to radical Muslims.

A growing number of Muslims around the world are preparing for jihad against their neighbors and civilians across borders.

The news comes out of Afghanistan via The Daily Caller:

Ten militants recently blew themselves up as they were constructing a bomb inside a mosque in Afghanistan.

The jihadis were building an improvised explosive device (IED) in southeastern Afghanistan when the explosives detonated and killed all 10 of them, reports Afghan news agency Khaama Press.

It’s unclear who the dead men were loyal to, but the anti-government Taliban is known in the region for using IEDs.

It’s hard to separate peace-loving Muslims from the radicals, when they’re using their own houses of worship as bomb factories.

Donald Trump knows this, he told CNN, “You’re going to have to watch and study the mosques,” Trump said, “because a lot of talk is going on at the mosques…Under the old regime we had tremendous surveillance going around and in the mosques in New York City.”

Where were the religious leaders when this was going on? Were the complicit? How many area Muslims were aware of this activity but did nothing?

Critics across the Internet are suggesting we should monitor American mosques. Could there be IEDs being made in mosques across America? Does the government have the right to infiltrate houses of worship, if there’s a credible threat?

How does this change Americans’ views of their Muslim neighbors? There are a lot of questions to be asked, but few people providing the answers.

What do you think? Does this make you more concerned about the Muslims in your neighborhood?

Source: Daily Caller

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