BOMBSHELL: Clintons In Total CHAOS After Her Fall! Fight Breaks Out Between…

It’s the story everyone is talking about, and it’s not over yet.

Hillary’s embarrassing fall and subsequent cover-up could not be hidden from the public thanks to eyewitness video, but the “knock-down, drag-out fight” that followed it has been hidden… until now.

Edward Klein, an expert on the Clintons, has just come forward with this new information. His sources close to the candidate gave him the inside story:

“Bill was insisting that she go to the hospital,” he said in an interview with Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets. (…)

“It was her decision not to go, because she was afraid that if she went to the hospital it would make it look like she was even sicker and it would hurt her campaign even more,” he claimed. “So it was her decision not to do that.” (…)

Citing one longtime family friend, he said falls like the one caught on camera Sunday are “not infrequent” for the former first lady.

Another long time critic of Hillary, Mike Cernovich, tweeted:

“Media follows sick Hillary around every day. How many times did they see her fall and not report it?”

Exactly. The footage showing Hillary’s team struggling to get her into a getaway van was shot by an ordinary person with the wherewithal to take out his cell phone — and who didn’t have a professional media “reputation” to worry about.

It’s unfortunate that Americans have to rely on insider “leaks” and amateur video to learn about the health of a woman who wants to be president.

Credit: Western Journalism

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