BOOM! After RNC And The Email Leak, New National Poll Yields GREAT News For 1 Candidate…

Post-convention poll “bumps” are real! As predicted, Donald Trump’s lead against Hillary Clinton widened after the Cleveland RNC wound down.

And bear in mind: the following poll was conducted before Wikileaks released those damning internal emails proving that the Democrats rigged the system against Bernie Sanders, and had a hand in anti-Trump demonstrations.

A USC Dornsife/LA Times Presidential Election Poll of approximately 3000 respondents places Trump at 45.4 per cent and Clinton at 41.3 per cent.

As Michele Hickford reports:

Of course, this was NOT supposed to happen. The liberal media trashed Trump’s convention speech as dark and dystopian. How could this resonate with voters? Well, perhaps because a day later, we were faced with yet another mass shooting in Germany carried out by a German-Iranian teen named David Ali Sonboly (and even though ISIS celebrated this attack, German authorities are still insisting he was simply mentally disturbed and obsessed with mass shootings).

(Incidentally: The BBC were caught leaving the killer’s middle name, “Ali” out of their reports!)

Will Clinton receive a similar popularity blip after the DNC?  With the mothers of Black Lives Matters “heroes” on the speaking roster, a nobody pick for vice president and the looming spectacle of angry Bernie voters protesting outside, that boost may not be in the cards.

Source: Allen B. West

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