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BOOM: Hillary Admits An ENORMOUS ‘Mistake’…Then Donald Goes In FOR THE KILL!
By Cheryl Chumley|September 28, 2016

When Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took the stage to duke it out for voters’ hearts to win the White House, the country collectively held their breath, waiting for what was promised to be contentious and fiery.

And the candidates didn’t disappoint.

Within minutes, Trump—who faced significant moderator-pressed queries about the release of his personal and business tax forms – was taking the shot most in conservative camps wanted him to take: that of Clinton’s private, home-based email server.

Trump said he would release his tax forms after Clinton released the 33,000 scrubbed emails from her private home-based server – a statement that scored well with members of the audience, some of whom cheered and shouted.

Trump then went on the attack, and when Clinton tried to shrug off her email server as a simple mistake, he called out what he characterized as her lie.

“[It was] more than a mistake,” Trump said, the Huffington Post reported. “[It was] done purposely.”

And after Clinton said that if given a second chance, she wouldn’t have established and used a home-based email server while secretary of State, Trump pounced.

“When you have your staff taking the Fifth Amendment – taking the Fifth so they’re not prosecuted, when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the Fifth, I think it’s disgraceful,” Trump said. “And believe me, this country … really think it’s disgraceful also.”

Clinton’s email server has been subject to much scrutiny and investigation. The FBI has found 110 messages labeled classified or sensitive – and in a report, just released, mentioned how Clinton under questioning said she was unclear about the meaning of the “C” label, classified.

FBI Director James Comey himself, in a report, called Clinton’s handling of sensitive and classified information “extremely careless,” while also adding that he did not recommend going forward with a prosecution against her.


Source: Huffington Post

Cheryl Chumley
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